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Bricks n Windows PI updates late again tonight

After these few updates I think I’ll go back into holding them off for another week or two until I have finished writing the first chapter and have made sure I’m satisfied with it. If I actually skip sleep it might be sooner than that. That’s the only way I can find some comfortable time to work on it.

So I of course haven’t forgotten about BnW, I never do, it’s on my mind every day and the connection is way too deep and important to me now to ever toss it. I know I’ve made a lot of “gonna do this!” “wanna do that!”s in the past during my manic states, thinking I can do anything for a week or two before dropping all confidence and shamefully pushing away those unrealistic goals without bringing them up again. I’m sorry for all that garbage. Getting over that was hard, but I changed my username for a reason.

So far only about four things over the years have stuck with me, but BnW is what I’m working on now (even thought it feels more like it should have been the last thing I work on, like holy shit.) And I don’t ever want to lose it.

So I’ll keep working to get up to a stopping point in the prototype and then start releasing the actual comic as planned.

foreignchespin asked:

i was telling someone about Bricks n Windows and they asked what genre it is. I told them gay becasue i don't really know what genre it is? pls help

Hah! It’s a lot of things, but I wouldn’t exactly say gay. The FAQ explains this:

Q: Is this a BL comic? No. It’s mainly a comedy/psychological drama with other genre elements that happens to feature two close males as the protagonists. There will be plenty of characters in the future, some that are even homosexual, and if any content depicting same sex relationships or whatever happens to transpire in the future, it will not be the focus. Just a minor detail. Same applies to any sexuality, gender, race, etc portrayed in the comic.

Also I cannot believe someone was independently talking about my silly webcomic… thank you very much for that.

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