Sup I'm Davis and I draw garbage.
Mon, Wed, Fri = Commissions.
Tue, Thur = Bricks n Windows.
Sat, Sun = Free time.
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Sunao Moriyama from Potemayo. Pretty silly anime I watched some of like 3 years ago and just finished now. Sunao and Guchuko are my favorites.


I saw a prominent lack of Victor fanart, so I drew this. :D

Oh, wow! Thank you very much for this! It’s very nice, I like the fitting expression you gave him. I’m still surprised that he hasn’t even been properly introduced yet and is already getting fanart! Thanks!


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I see that you use Clip Paint Studio for painting and stuff. I had a free trial of the program but couldn't figure it out, but seeing what you can do with it makes me want to try again. What I wanted to know is; BRUSHES! How do? Brushes confuse me on any program, so I wanted to know if you'd share the brushes you use, or brushes you'd recommend using?

I mostly use Blurred Edge Watercolor. Others I use would be Dense Watercolor and Smooth Watercolor.

The amount of grammatical errors in this game is ridiculous.

Working with some Derwent watercolor pencils a friend gave me once. You hear that? I’m finally using them!

The scanner killed the quality of the first picture but it’s not like my phone isn’t great either (second and third picture.)

The young as hell bunny boy is a gross OC that belongs to a gross OC of mine. Even my character’s have characters, it’s horrible.
The last is Onoda from Yowapeda.

I didn’t sketch anything first, I just went straight to pen with these.


I made a new character, not really for my story but in that universe. EPHAH SALEM is a angelic/demonic creature that has no real physical form or gender. 



I -i don’t how explain, sorry

*chokes* THOR

i hope you have/had a great day today! <3

Aw, thanks! I had a pretty alright day and I hope the same for you too.

I absolutely love your OFF print! I'm so glad that more and more people are selling OFF merchandise, especially on storenvy! It makes me so happy! I need to get that print some day <3

Thanks! When I can, I plan to restock on what I had for the con and sell everything there too. Buttons, keychains, and stickers. I’d like to make more OFF merch.